My story:

My name is Sarah McMillan! I am a Autism Practitioner as well as a Therapeutic Arts Master Practitioner who specializes in working with children who are on the spectrum, like myself! Being on the autism spectrum allows me to connect with the clients I work with in an unconventional way, that is very meaningful! I offer creative interventions and solutions for challenging behaviors. Art and play therapy allows an opportunity for the unspeakable to be spoken. In my art space, we can explore ourselves and the world we live in - but in a way that feels safe to the child.

After many years of becoming educated in therapeutic arts, learning more about autism, attending Emily Carr University of Art and Design and as well as studying early childhood education, I started my career providing art therapy services to autistic children and teens! I've personally seen how art has the power to transform my life and I'm eager to share that with any child that is struggling like I was.

Today, I provide a fun, safe and inclusive art space for all of my clients to explore their creative selves. My approach is client centered, strength based and family oriented.