about art therapy for children on the autism spectrum:

For people on the autism spectrum, art is the perfect medium to encourage individuals to express themselves. Since children and adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are visual thinkers, art is a natural way to communicate how they feel and how they view the world.

Those with ASD can share their understanding of the environment pictorially through drawing, painting, sculpting clay or other hands-on avenues. This allows individuals a chance to process the world in an accommodating, sensory and unrestricted way.

According to recent studies, therapeutic arts can help children with autism to:

  1. experience connection in the therapeutic relationship

  2. become more expressive

  3. develop social skills, especially cooperation and collaboration

  4. increase flexibility and decrease rigidity

  5. move beyond stereotypical behaviours

  6. increase sensory regulation

  7. build confidence in their skills

  8. experience relaxation

  9. learn how to talk about their problems

  10. develop executive functioning skills

  11. build self esteem

  12. increase verbal and non-verbal communication skills